Dialog or Theories of Dialog? Existential Reflections

Małgorzata Opoczyńska
2016; 1 (2):
ICID: 1198747
Article type: Original article
The theory of education is based on a dialog with the educated human beings. The same refers to the theory of psychotherapy. Both owe their existence to a dialog between persons. But the dialog? Could it – itself - be the subject of a theory?
The paper illustrates the surprising paradox highlighted by John Dewey in his lectures given at Harvard University in 1931: “(...) the existence of works of art, constituting the basis for the formulation of esthetic theories, becomes an obstacle to the theory of these works” (Dewey 1958/1975: 5).
The art of dialog – which in fact is the work of those who take part in it – slips away the theory conceived according to the modern ideal. However, could it be the subject of the theory understood by Søren Kierkegaard as Sorge?

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