The Everyday Reality of Education as a Symbolic Space.
Between Pedagogical Thinking and Practice or Between Inter- and Transdisciplinarity

Alina Wróbel
2016; 1 (2):
ICID: 1198750
Article type: Original article
The presented paper is a result of theoretical research on the everyday reality of education, interpreted as a symbolic space. The reflection has been set in the perspective of interpretative paradigm and refers to the relation between pedagogical theory and practice that is especially important for the understanding of the social and cultural reality including the everyday reality of education. This concept is understood here as a space whose properties are the source of activities undertaken by people that function in it as well as a unique phenomenon the nature of which is manifested in human thoughts and actions. As such, it is a source of multiple experiences set in various contexts of human activity, also in different perspectives on pedagogical activity. The category of everyday relity, comprehended in this way, has particular interpretative power that is especially significant for gathering knowledge about the world of everyday life (including the reality of education) and for the implementation of research, both inter- and transdisciplinary, related to this space.

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