Educational Science in Germany: Changes in the Mode of Studying and in the Status of the Discipline as a Result of the Bologna Reform

Cathleen Grunert, Katja Ludwig
2016; 2 (3):
ICID: 1233807
Article type: Original article
This article deals with the European reorganization processes in higher education and in particular the so-called Bologna reform. In the case of German educational science, the Bologna Reform signifies a complete transition from the former study programs that end with a Diploma or Magister exam to the new system of Bachelor and Master degrees. Based on a full survey of current major study programs offered in the area of educational science this article focuses on how the Bologna reform affects the landscape of study programs in educational science. That leads to the question of the consequences for the organization of Educational Science with regard to the academic courses offered and thus for the position of the discipline in the German university system.

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