Narration and Biographical Research Perspective

Danuta Urbaniak-Zając
2017; 1 (4):
ICID: 1241918
Article type: Original article
Biography researchers notice an increase in the number of works referring to biographical research and a simultaneous decrease in their cognitive value. One of the reasons for this state of affairs is the misjudged conviction about their simplicity emerging from transferring obviousness of natural attitudes into the ground of scientific research. The author of this paper seeks for sources of inspiration for more careful reflection on pedagogical biographical research in concepts of narration and in works of literary critics. The author presents two various ways of understanding narration. The first one acknowledges the assumptions of structuralism (narration as feature codes of prose statements). The second one – being a consequence of the theoretical expansion of the concept on the whole area of human sciences and a part of social sciences – perceives narration as a human ability to organize events and actions into comprehensive structures that evolve in time. This understanding of narration is linked to life course and its reporting and thus to biographical research.

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