Educational Aspects of Working Life in Retirement in the Light of Halina Semenowicz’s Diaries – Founder and Propagator of Freinet Education in Poland

Agata Szwech
2017; 1 (4):
ICID: 1241930
Article type: Case report
An important aspect that sets the framework for seeking educational potential in a biography of man is the combination of the learning process with the everyday world of life of an individual. Halina Semenowicz, writing journals, included in them the description of everyday life she led being retired. In this text, I will focus on the area of professional activity which H. Semenowicz did not abandon after retirement. She continued the dissemination of the Celestine Freineta techniques in Poland. While emphasizing the importance of work as a crucial area in which the development of an adult takes place, I concentrated my attention on displaying the role of work in the life of Halina Semenowicz and these forms of daily activities that were associated with learning undertaken against the backgroud of professional activity.

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